PHPCamp 2008
For the first time, India saw an event for PHP developers.

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Before Event

Event Photos available at Presentation Slides available at

Priyank “Inviting all PHP Geeks” on his website.

Amit “PHPCamp In Pune” on his blog.

Rohan is blogging at

PHPDeveloper posted the news about the event at

Varun “PHPCamp Pune” on his blog.

Sandeep “PHP Camp in pune” on his blog.

Payel “PHPCamp pune’08” on her blog.

PuneTech has created a wiki page at

Jignesh “PHPCamp in pune” on his blog.

PuneTech posted about the event “Help Organize PHPCamp Pune

Shailesh Patel posted about event “elePHPant arrives@PUNE

Makrand Rahane posted about event on “

Priya Ranjan posted “phpCamp Sep 20

Nishit Shah posted ‘PHPCamp

Manish Sharma posted ‘PHPCamp at Pune 2008

Rahul Bansal posted “PHPCamp Pune Lets Geek Up

Hussain F has posted “PHP Camp 2008

Tarun Chandel posted “PHPCamp: I am camping at PHPCamp Pune

Nachiket Karve posted “PHPCamping tomorrow

After Event

Nachiket Karve “PHPCamp !!

Tarun Chandel “PHPCamp Pune Photographs

Tarun Chandel posted “PHPCamp: I am camping at PHPCamp Pune

Sebastiaan Deckers “PHPCamp Debrief

Rahul Bansal “PHPCamp Pune Log!

Abhishek Nagar “phpcamp pune 2008

Rishi Agarwal “Camped at PHPCamp Pune

In Newspapers

Pune Mirror again

27th September 2008

Pune Mirror published an article

3rd September 2008

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